About CrossFit Cirencester

Cirencester was the Cotswold’s first CrossFit affiliate with head coach and founder David Long realising after 14 years experience of providing personal training services & coaching that people just wanted more.

CrossFit provided that, with its coach-led sessions of typically up to 12 athletes and varied program taking in running, gymnastic movements and olympic lifting disciplines – often in the same session – it resists boredom and keeps athletes motivated to come back the next day. 

CF Cirencester opened its doors to the future of fitness in 2011. 

Many years on there are established CrossFit boxes in other large Cotswold towns but CrossFit Cirencester remains the only one serving Cirencester and nearby villages. Despite our small size we offer over sixty classes each week including provision for youngsters with our kids (5-11) and teens (12-17) class. 

We have a small but hardy band of competitive athletes who like to spend their weekends sweating it out National & international  competitions against other CrossFitters & a variety of fitness based events.

The group approach allows every regardless of age, mobility, or impairment to join in the same class and benefit from the support of their classmates while ensuring that the weights and alternate movements suit their abilities and goals.

A wide range of memberships provide sessions from as little as £3.50 per hour. You won’t find a more cost-effective fitness experience anywhere else. Give us a try. Sign up  for a free no-obligation trial and experience the thrill of pushing yourself in the company of new friends.

Meet the trainers

David Long

Anna Greco

Connor Curry

Dave Wallis


We’re really active online too.

There’s also a thriving Facebook Group that keeps the community going when you’re not there. Join up and discuss all things CrossFit and fitness, register for CFC events, or to just hang out!